The Coalition of the Isles

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The Coalition of the Isles

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Coalition* of the Isles

The Coalition of the Isles are ten states governed by the capitol of Pumi. Each of the states have their own leaders alongside their laws and customs. The cultures are very distinct, especially on the islands, but each state also contributes to the economy with their designated resources.

The citizens are governed by a board of 10 individuals, one representative from each state, as well as town officials. The board meets regularly for conferences in Manilla, the capitol city of the Coalition on the island of Pumi. The state votes from the pool of town officials they feel would best represent the state and one nominee is voted upon for the position of board leader. The election occurs every 3 years and every 6 years one individual is elected by the board of ten to lead them and become the face of the Coalition to the world. The elected are also granted their place for another 3 years, because the election takes place on the same year that the islands vote for their representatives.

Board of Ten

(Surname-Name)       (State)
Kasanji Kero*             Pumi
Chu Guang                 Tainu
Sila  Ada                     Bangkaishda
Ngoei Cahaya            Zuanshi
Teguh                         Manok
Thach Nara                 Vietnam
Yuwono Djaya            Abura
Sein                            Burma
Duad                           Malaysia
Villa Nikko                  Halaman

*Hariyagit Kasanji is the current elected leader of the Coalition. Each leader may choose a title for themselves if they so choose, and the board unanimously bestowed upon him the title “Hariyagit” in the native language of Pumi.

Depending on which island you go to it is either dominated by magic or technology. The capital island is a hubbub of both, and a lot of the technology relies on sunlight and water as an energy source. Lots of magic is embraced in many of the smaller islands, due to their more superstitious belief systems. Pumi is isolated from the rest of the coalition, both physically and politically and at times neglects to maintain consistent order throughout the states.

The Sea Turtle is revered across all islands, but only spiritual leaders claim to understand the true significance of the creature. Various belief systems are throughout the coalition. The main island focuses less on the spiritual and more on maintaining relations to other nations and trading. Smaller island have nature deities relating to the ocean or the sky and sometimes of animals, like the Rooster.

Marihuana (cannabis sativa) used recreationally and for medicinal purposes, and is also a popular export. The Coalition has been criticized by other nations for not strictly regulating and was often met with threats to close the entire market. There are many minerals within the coalition used for anything imaginable from currency to technology to modes of transportation. Sea turtles are a respected aquatic creature of these islands, but there are those who attack and sell their shells and other organs for a hefty price. It is rumored that the turtles have magical properties, and in the smaller islands you could be put to death for harming one.

Very diplomatic, being one of the smaller collection of land in the world. They are known for fast water technologically but not necessarily strong.

*"The Coalition", as known by the citizens, was supposedly a temporary alliance, but as time went on nothing quite changed and no one has done anything to suggest another title.
Coalition of the Isles

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